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Photographer Shaun Bloodworth R.I.P.


This is a flashback to our collaboration with the highly influential and talented photographer Shaun Bloodworth from Sheffield. He died last Wednesday, Sept 15th at the hospital after waiting for a liver transplant. Our friend Stuart from Give Up Art had organized a fundraiser the same night. There is no such thing as coincidence, so it turned out to be a celebration of Shaun’s life and light he had been spreading and living, with a musical line-up which read like the A-list of the British dance music underground.
We had featured Shaun in issue #02 and shown a few of his photographs. During his career he captured a huge part of (especially) the British electronic music scene but also abroad, his work was and is history-making for the dubstep movement. The appearance of Rinse FM or guys like Benga or Skream had been shaped by him – he created icons. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.



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Shifting Our Realities — Culprit Tech

JB. presents: Matt Pattinson aka Culprit Tech
This post took a while. Hard to keep up with everything, so it got a little quiet here on JB. The last feature in our Shifting Realities issue is nobody else but Matt Pattinson, or if you like, you can call him Culprit Tech. Never heard of him? He is an undercover robot agent from Scotland, an amazing illustrator. He recently worked together with GiveUpArt on the cover artwork of the Horsepower Productions LP. That’s how he found his way into JB. Magazine (thanks Stu!) and gave us this very special piece, exclusive to JB.: “Robot Feeding Squirrel”. The squirrel is sort of JB’s totem animal, the mascot, our best friend. And the squirrel likes robots, and robots like squirrels too. You better watch out for Culprit, he’s doing great things! And being on the back page of the mag, it’s another poster if you like.

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Buy a Copy of JB. Magazine!

JB. Magazine — Issue #01: “Shifting Realities”
Full colour, 20-pages tabloid newspaper

You can now order a copy here. Email to mag [at] to get all further infos. Payment can be done with paypal (German and international orders) or bank transfer (Germany only).

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Check below for a few Berlin shops that carry JB.
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Hard Wax, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a

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Shifting Our Realities — Will Bankhead

JB. presents: Will Bankhead / Trilogy Tapes
A special figure in music related graphic design is Will Bankhead from London. Together with Ben Drury and James Lavelle he created the visual language of Mo’ Wax back in the days. Today he is central to designing Honest Jon’s records. They all look awesome, things you’d wish to own while seeing them, actually before you want to listen to the record. Will runs the Trilogy Tapes blog, presenting artwork, photos and music in his special aesthetic way. And a little online shop, where he sells mix tapes, t-shirts or records of his recently launched vinyl label. For JB. he answered a few questions about, err … music, design and skateboarding.

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Shifting Our Realities — Mawashi Geri

JB. presents: Mawashi Geri
The self-taught photographer Chema Llanos aka Mawashi Geri made one of the most remarkable photo series by portraying kids in The Gambia. Chema is trained in graphic design and visual communications. Photography as Mawashi Geri has been more of a collaborative side project at first. He worked as a graphic designer, as an editor and as a photo editor. In The Gambia, Africa, Chema worked for an aid project, and helped to build a school for children. During his stay he started the photo series “Kids”, portraying children with few opportunities in the country of The Gambia. Appealing grotesque in a way, some of these pictures come out like a fashion shoot. Leaving aside the background and living conditions of these children, his fun approach creates an emotional relationship.

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Shifting Our Realities — Michael Leon

JB. presents: Michael Leon
Michael Leon has been around in the skate business for ages and his style in the world of skateboarding and graphic art is exceptional. Since his childhood he has been fascinated with flags. For his exhibition „Vexhall“ in September 2010 at Pool Gallery, one of our favourite spots in Berlin, he produced a series of handmade flags. „Vexhall“ comes from the term vexillology, meaning the scholarly study of flags. I had the chance to meet Michael and his friends the day of the opening and we had a great time together. Read an interview with him and check the poster in the printed version of JB. On the cover of the Shiting Realities issue you find Michael’s flag called “Cops Don’t Know”.

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Shifting Our Realities — Supermundane

JB. presents: Supermundane aka Rob Lowe
We are very pleased to have Supermundane in this issue, the doodling, type designing guy and Art Director of Anorak Magazine or Fire & Knives and publisher of Present Joys. We’re loving his artwork ever since, in this issue of JB. he has some valuable knowledge about London pubs to share. And yes, of course we show some pieces of his work. Compelling stuff!

Here are five things about drawing by Supermundane:
1 – It’s the most direct way I can go from my brain to paper.
2 – You can legitimately sharpen a pencil with a knife.
3 – If I do it for too long my wrists hurt.
4 – Everyone is capable of doing it.
5 – Everyone should draw.

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Shifting Our Realities — Jonathan Peters

JB. presents: Jonatahan Peters
Filmer and photographer Jonathan Peters, originally from Strasbourg, currently living and working in Berlin has created the extraordinary skate video “A Journey To The Center Of The Earth”, capturing skate city Berlin and the core of its lively scene. Jonathan mostly films and cuts the material himself. He loves going out with people he knows and people he admires, always on the lookout for a special spot and that one special moment. Essential to him is the mixture of people and personalities: friends who inspire him, dudes he likes to watch skateboarding. It’s all about a shared experience.
As we spent some nice time together, had a few good skate sessions, we are very happy to feature his work on a page of this issue. We love how he expresses the artistic and athletic way of skateboarding.

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Shifting Our Realities — Anorak Magazine

JB. presents: Cathy Olmedillas / Anorak Magazine
Cathy is a fantastic person. I met her last June in sunny Berlin were she went to meet publishers to see how they set up the German version of the most awesome magazine that she is publishing: Anorak — The Happy Mag for Kids!
JB. had been in an early stage of the progress, a couple of ideas were floating around. When I saw Cathy’s announcement of the German version of Anorak on Twitter where she told that she’s coming to Berlin, I was asking for an interview and that was actually the starting point of the Shifting Realities issue.
Anorak is not like other kid’s magazines. It is made for children whose imagination is not corrupted by brands and who can enjoy a good story and stimulating illustrations. And for their parents, of course. Parents who wish a magazine like Anorak had been around when they were kids. With a circulation of 5.000 copies, meanwhile with a German and soon a French version and a couple of side projects, the world of Anorak is growing bigger and bigger. More in this issue on page 4. Go get it!

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Shifting Our Realities — Shaun Bloodworth

JB. presents: Shaun Bloodworth
Next one to introduce to you is Sheffield based photographer Shaun Bloodworth. He is around in the business for a long time now and works on a lot of projects together with GiveUpArt. He has done crazy things, travelled the globe, seen places most people will never see. Shooting also for a restaurant magazine for example, Shaun captures the whole extremely productive electronic music scene from England and beyond in more recent times. Ferran Adria, Mary Anne Hobbs, Ramadanman, Joy Orbison, Skream, Flying Lotus and a lot more have all been in front of his camera. He finally has reached his most fulfilling part of his career, that’s what he says. Read the interview in the paper to find out more.

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Shifting Our Realities — GiveUpArt


JB. presents: GiveUpArt
We slowly prepare the release of issue #01. With the next couple of posts we want to introduce the protagonists to you, the wonderful people who are shifting our realities, expanding our perception, simply entertaining us or calling our attention for things we possibly haven’t noticed before. All of these artists, designers, writers, photographers … are making this issue very, very special.

Stuart Hammersley runs the design studio GiveUpArt in London. I have once noticed his designs through the Tempa Records releases, a London based Dubstep label of the first hour. We’ve been catching us on Twitter afterwards and I clicked with him right away. We share a lot of interests and Stuart has been very supportive throughout the process of this issue, I would even claim to say he became a part of JB. as he linked me to photographer Shaun Bloodworth and illustrator Culprit Tech, both featured as well in this issue. His designs are very distinctive, memorable and effective. The interview with him gives some exciting insight into his world of design and shows some of his recent projects.

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