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Radio Skateboards: Late But Short, Video Premiere


Better late than never, and more likely extended than too short. Radio Skateboards – our divine friends from the same turf are having their skate video premiere of their full length Late But Short tonight at the infamous SO36 club – the atomic nucleus of Kreuzberg. Come and forget everything else as it’s simply inexistent.

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Rolling Through The Shadows – Exhibition at Leica Gallery in Los Angeles


A legendary group show is coming up at Leica Gallery LA — some of the leading skate photographers from this generation are brought together by a passion for Leica photography. Including Anthony Acosta, Ray Barbee, Joe Brook, Thomas Campbell, Jerry Hsu, Jon Humphries, Greg Hunt, Atiba Jefferson, Dennis McGrath, Fred Mortagne, Arto Saari, Ed Templeton and Tobin Yelland.
What an incredible line-up! Show runs March 5 – March 31, 2016
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Isle Skateboards: ‘Vase’ Video – Berlin Premiere


We organized the Isle Skateboards video premiere of their full length ‘Vase’, filmed and edited by Jacob Harris. Featuring Nick Jensen, Paul Shier, Sylvain Tognelli, Chris Jones, Jon Nguyen, Tom Knox. It’s a rad skateboard video full of stunning action and amazing art by this creative cat Nick Jensen.

Presented by JB. and Place Magazine, hosted by HVW8 Gallery, Berlin.

ISLE SKATEBOARDS – VASE TRAILER from Isle Skateboards on Vimeo.

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New Magazine: Solo Skate Mag


Our friends have buried the most traditional and oldest skateboard mag of Germany — Monster Skateboard Magazine R.I.P. — as the publishing house was no longer willing to support this print project. Oli Tielsch, editor-in-chief and Oli Klobes, creative/art director of the magazine were sure about continuing with a real new skateboard mag, with love for skateboarding to the core and in German for the local scenes of the German-speaking regions.
They started their own adventure some weeks ago – SOLO Skate Mag – which is now online. They keep it simple: a fresh, stylish and solid skate mag from the inside of skateboarding. The printed issue will be inaugurated with a release event and small art show this Saturday in Cologne at SSZ Sued including the screening of Vans’ ‘Propeller’ video.

The JB. Institute will present the SOLO Mag launch event in Berlin next week. Stay tuned for more information following up in the next few days.


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SKATE HEADS — Video Clip from Zenga Bros


That’s a real fun skate video clip with Vancouver locals, directed by Zenga Bros and produced by Jeff Hamada of Booooooom and FlexFit with tons of good skating and creative obstacles. An exceptional example of how far you still can take it with skateboarding.

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Jo Peters: ‘Propeller Island’ Leftovers…


Our friend Jo Peters made a new video in 2014, one of the sweetest skate flics around, and true Berlin local. He was also part of our group show opening where we had shown exactly his video, Propeller Island. Now he released some leftovers in a short clip. Enjoy!
(Photo: “City traveling with the Propeller boys” © by Jenne Grabowski)

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Andrew Schoultz @ Ruttkowski;68, Cologne

Andrew Schoultz Eye Drip Flag at Ruttkowski68

Andrew Schoultz is an LA-based artist (we spoke about him earlier and his responding works to Paul Klee) who has his roots in graffiti, went to art school in San Francisco, Juxtopoz cover artist, familiar with the skate scene, who creates some of his best works when anger is involved, he says. This week on 10. October 2014 he is opening his show at Ruttkowski;68 Gallery in Cologne.
Andrew also has another print in the works with our friends from Draw A Line after he created Last Hand past May. If you’re around in the West of Germany around the city of Cologne you might consider going there on Friday, but the show will be up until 16.11.2014. It’s really great art.
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“Propeller Island” – Skatevideo Premier Today!


Our friend Jo Peters has finished a new video. Premiere is tonight in Berlin, Neukölln at Dschungel on Friedelstraße. We’ve been involved in the background and are really looking forward to seeing the new jam!

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New Palace Video: Endless Bummer


Above all the hype that people can make up about a brand, I always see Will Bankhead’s great artwork and lots of extremely good street skating and a specific and 90s referencing yet fresh way of filming and editing. Classic Palace Skateboards style – they just know how to put it straight. Best title by the way.


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Meeting Todd Francis in Berlin


The artist and designer Todd Francis came to Berlin for the Bright Tradeshow. He was invited by Element Skateboards for who Todd is creating board graphics such as his recent series Natural Dejection which got presented by Element this week. He also painted a mural with some of his signature pigeons on the side of the booth. Together with JB. fellow Seb Carayol he just released his retrospective book Look Away which sold out right away.
We connected the dots between Yong-Ki’s Solitary Arts, Todd and us. Todd and Yong-Ki established a new adventure called Special Crud. Watch out for a special feature in the next issue of JB. where we can tell a few pigeon stories…
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Bright: Experience Extraordinaire

exp extra XI 2014-07-10_plakat online 680

We’re part of the Bright party that our friends from Skateboard MSM and Iriedaily are hosting: Experience Extraordinaire. It includes a skateable guitar sculpture that is creating sounds while you are going for a Backside Smith Grind… See you at Cassiopeia on Thursday night!

msm skateable guitar sculpture flyer

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Bright Tradeshow This Week…


The Bright Tradeshow is kicking off today, and our vibrant city is buzzing even more this week. It’s not really about the fair itself but more about the things happening around it. Looking forward to seeing lots of friends and fellows. Art exhibitions like RVCA, Brian Lotti & Clint Peterson, the exciting LB Project (image above) or the incredible Tadej Vaukman with a zine release in front of the Kaufhaus Jahndorf, lots of parties (check out the Pinkhaus Shateshop jam at Hasenheide on Wednesday), presentations, and of course sharing a bunch of printed materials, ideas, stories… See you around in the heart of the city this week.

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Propeller Island Trailer by Jo Peters

Our friend Jo Peters is working on a new skate video called Propeller Island. It’s already looking great. I have been out on the road with him and a bunch of Berlin local skate rats, documenting a few bits. He definitely has a very unique way of telling his Berlin stories.


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Thomas Campbell at Joshua Liner Gallery, NY


Filmmaker and artist Thomas Campbell is one of the most creative squirrels out there. Following only his instagram stream is pure inspiration, this guy seems to have eternal power and creativity. He has been part of the Beautiful Losers and is constantly contributing artworks for Element while he is also running his own company um yeah arts just to name a few. Today starts his solo show Ampersand at Joshua Liner in NY. Wish I could go… I lifted some pics of his progress off of his instagram.
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Leica Presents: Let Us Roam feat. Atiba Jefferson

LET US ROAM – Atiba Jefferson from Let Us Roam on Vimeo.

The next episode of Let Us Roam is featuring photographer Atiba Jefferson. Growing up in Colorado, he was into skateboarding as a kid and after he once broke his hand he took a class in photography. When he developed the first prints it kind of took off from there. That’s where he started shooting photos and what is sounding like a classic story is a long lived passion by one of the best photographers in skateboarding today. But not only in skateboarding at home he gets a lot of diverse people in front of his lens.


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Leica Presents: Let Us Roam feat. Greg Hunt

The recent episode of Let Us Roam is featuring director, filmer and photographer Greg Hunt. He got into filming in the early nineties when exploring the 8 mm film format. Hunt directed and filmed numerous skateboard and music videos, e.g. for Transworld Skateboarding and is currently working on the first ever Vans skateboarding film.


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New Website: Mike O’Meally Photography


Mike O’Meally is a legendary skateboard photographer from Australia and over 20 years in the business, especially for Transworld Skateboarding and Monster Children. Here is a new portfolio website with a good mixture of old and current works but also from his travels and studies.
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Leica Presents: Let Us Roam

LET US ROAM: Ray Barbee from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

Leica Camera presents a series of video portraits of artists on and around the skateboard — Let Us Roam. The first episode explores Ray Barbee’s passion for photography and music which was thriving from his skateboarding life. Other artists are filmmaker Greg Hunt and the photographers Arto Saari and Atiba Jefferson.


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Jai Tanju: Full Color Black & White


This is a 44 pages color photo zine by Jai Tanju, and the title might already reveal the content… Full Color Black & White. The photos were shot on and around the spectacle of the annual Vans US open event in Huntington Beach. Jai twisted his black and white photographs for this zine with a kind of duplex technique in the layout process. Available here.
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Jai Tanju and the Seeing Things Gallery


Two weeks ago on my way down to LA I stopped by in San Jose where Jai Tanju runs his Seeing Things Gallery. Jai is a photographer who worked among other things for the skateboard mag Slap for a long time and once started the Print Exchange Program – Film Por Vida – where he is exchanging photographs as prints in the mail with other photographers and creatives which has turned into a traveling exhibition.
The current show at Seeing Things is by Lance Cyril Mountain with a nice collection of paintings, collages and b/w photographs. Next show coming up will be a good one: the Deadbeat Club from LA is having a great showcase of photographers like Deanna & Ed Templeton, Nolan Hall, Grant Hatfield and more.

It was a brief visit, we had about two hours and walked over for some Tacos and a nice chat about projects, photography, making zines. Jai’s gallery is also a little book and zine store with a nice selection of printed matter – books, zines, mags of all kinds, also including JB. products soon! He will be featured in one of our next issues. If you’re an interested and prolific photo cat consider to get involved in his print exchange program.
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Sergej Vutuc Interview Now on Staf Magazine


Here is a Sergej Vutuc interview that I was doing for Staf Magazine from Spain at the end of last year. It is now online and includes some of my photography. It’s been published in Spanish language, an English version might follow. —Jenne

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Cover Photo on MSM by Sergej Vutuc


This beautiful shot by our friend Sergej Vutuc is gracing the current Skateboard MSM cover. It is an image of the Axel Cruysberghs photo copy zine about “modern skating and post socialism”.

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The Thomas Campbell Film Premieres on Thrasher


It’s on. The film directed by Thomas Campbell is now premiering on Thrasher before it will be available on itunes and of course as a pyhsical product as DVD and a book. Recommended!

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Cuatro Sueños Pequeños, Trailer No. 2

We talked about the first trailer, we showed previews of the book that comes with the DVD with a beautiful film on it, shot entirely on 16 mm film by Thomas Campbell: Quatro Sueños Pequeños. Starring skateboarders Madars Apse and Javier Mendizabal, here comes trailer No. 2.


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New Thomas Campbell Book


Thomas Campbell just released his new book and film Cuatro Sueños Pequeños we already wrote about a while ago. The film is a “dream scene scenario that blends reality, surreality and a skate adventure starring Javier Mendizabal and Madars Apse”. Along with the film (DVD) comes this beautiful 90-page book with a special illustration series including the cover artwork by Nathaniel Russell.
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