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Preview: “Broken Flowers” – A New Photo Book by Jenne Grabowski at JB. Paper


Preview: “Broken Flowers” – A Photo Book by Jenne Grabowski

We will release new products in December 2016. One of the new projects at JB. Institute is a hardcover photography book by Jenne Grabowski with all new and unreleased color photos. We will celebrate the release of our new JB. Paper item at our friends’ book store Zabriskie.

Release: December, 17 2016 at Zabriskie Bookstore, Berlin-Kreuzberg
“Broken Flowers” by Jenne Grabowski, color photographs (JB. Paper #10)
Hardcover, 17 x 24 cm, 52 pages
Comes with a 16-pages supplement with b/w drawings by Quentin Chambry



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Photographer Shaun Bloodworth R.I.P.


This is a flashback to our collaboration with the highly influential and talented photographer Shaun Bloodworth from Sheffield. He died last Wednesday, Sept 15th at the hospital after waiting for a liver transplant. Our friend Stuart from Give Up Art had organized a fundraiser the same night. There is no such thing as coincidence, so it turned out to be a celebration of Shaun’s life and light he had been spreading and living, with a musical line-up which read like the A-list of the British dance music underground.
We had featured Shaun in issue #02 and shown a few of his photographs. During his career he captured a huge part of (especially) the British electronic music scene but also abroad, his work was and is history-making for the dubstep movement. The appearance of Rinse FM or guys like Benga or Skream had been shaped by him – he created icons. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.



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“From Inside to Way Out” Festival: The Double Photo Exhibition “Peepal of the City”


Part of the festival at HAU will be a double photo exhibition – a collaboration between two young photographers: Karachi-based Khaula Jamil and Berlin-based Pablo Lauf.

“Much like the people of Karachi, the leaves of the Peepal tree (indigenous to the sub-continent) move continuously even when the air around them is still and no perceptible wind is blowing. Inspired by this energy seemingly found within, Karachi-based Khaula Jamil and Berlin-based Pablo Lauf collaborate to bring forth intriguing photographic stories of individuals from Karachi. Through their varying techniques, of the insider moving swiftly yet intimately through the lives of people she meets on the streets to the outsider spending days in closed spaces with each person he photographs, their perceptions clash and mesh with startling harmony, bringing forth a portrait of a city that just refuses to stop living.”

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JB. Paper Available at Soda Books, Berlin


Another week, another shop! If you can’t get enough of our wonderful stuff – the great folks from Soda Books – based in Munich, opened another outlet in Berlin a while ago – are now stocking JB. Paper #04 and #05.

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JB. Paper — Publications Now Available in Book Stores


JB. Paper — Our publications are now available in selected book stores
As you all know, we love photography. That’s one of the reasons we are making books. And we do like the work of Stephen Shore who has a huge retrospective showing at C|O Gallery Berlin at the moment. Correspondingly, our JB. Paper photo books L.A Is Round The Corner and Cali Coast In Current Colours by Tobias Bärmann from Hamburg are now available at C|O’s own book store. The store is curated by doyoureadme!? so you will find our releases #04 and #05 in the magazine section.

If you happen to be there and also buy one of our books – send us a photo! We will say thank you with a batch of JB. stickers & postcards!

JB. Paper books are now available here:
Heftraum, Hamburg
Gudberg Nerger, Hamburg
Deichtorhallen, Hamburg
Zabriskie, Berlin
doyoureadme!?, Berlin
C|O Berlin

And of course – day and night:

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Rolling Through The Shadows – Exhibition at Leica Gallery in Los Angeles


A legendary group show is coming up at Leica Gallery LA — some of the leading skate photographers from this generation are brought together by a passion for Leica photography. Including Anthony Acosta, Ray Barbee, Joe Brook, Thomas Campbell, Jerry Hsu, Jon Humphries, Greg Hunt, Atiba Jefferson, Dennis McGrath, Fred Mortagne, Arto Saari, Ed Templeton and Tobin Yelland.
What an incredible line-up! Show runs March 5 – March 31, 2016
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Photobook Release: JB. Paper #07 – 29 Palms (by Car)


JB. Institute Berlin presents JB. Paper #07:
“29 Palms (by Car)”

Photos and artwork by Jenne Grabowski. All photos shot in March 2014, passing through the small town Twentynine Palms and the Mojave Desert. Inspired by Lee Friedlander
24 pages, 19,5 x 27 cm, b/w risograph print by We make it

Release on Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin – 12. + 13. December 2015 at Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin.
Opening: Friday 11 Dec, 6pm.



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Photobook Release: JB. Paper #06 – I Heard You Looking


We are pleased to announce the release of one of our new photobooks this weekend!

JB. Institute Berlin presents JB. Paper #06:

We asked six artists to contribute their explorations in public spaces — inhabited, shared, hidden, organized or unknown territories.

Featuring Jonathan Peters (Berlin), Stromer Kid (Berlin), Benjamin Deberdt (Paris), Jenne Grabowski (Berlin), Christian Nilsen (Berlin) & Jai Tanju (San Jose)
60 pages, 17 x 23 cm, full color

Release Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin – 12. + 13. December 2015 at Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin.
Opening: Friday 11 Dec, 6pm.
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Summer at Graveyard Point: Corey Arnold, Photographer

The world through the lens of photographer Corey Arnold from Alaska Dispatch on Vimeo.

Here is a video for an Alaskan newspaper featuring our fave photographer Corey Arnold, who has been into fishing since he was a kid. He is not only a superb photographer but also captains a salmon fishing company out of an abandoned cannery complex called Graveyard Point. Watch this clip about his work and photography in South Western Alaska. Read the full article here.

Kitty and Horse Fisherman

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Lens Culture Street Photography Awards 2015

Andrea Alfano

Lens Culture have just announced their winners and finalists of the Lens Culture Street Photography Awards 2015. Here is a small selection, lots more in the full list of winners and finalists on their website.
The online photography magazine Lens Culture is one of the most authoritative resources for contemporary photography, promoting the best of the global photography community.
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Photos: By The Lake Festival Berlin


A recap of the really sweet By The Lake Festival in Berlin two weeks ago is now up on Groove magazine (in German). Text by Christin Bolte and photos by Jenne Grabowski. More photos by Jenne from the event and especially the impressive energy during the Omar Souleyman show here in this post on JB.
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Recap: JB. Paper #05 Book Launch & Exhibition


Thanks a lot to all who came out last Friday and made this day a special one. Great to see you all hanging out and spreading good vibes on this warm summer night, chatting, drinking, reading or buying our new books at Zabriskie book store in Kreuzberg. Thanks to Lorena and Jean for hosting us.

The exhibition can be viewed until 03.09.2015, the books and zines from JB. Paper plus a few of the prints (framed) are available for purchase.

Manteuffelstr 73
10999 Berlin

You can order our books and the print edition in our webshop:
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August 21, 2015: JB. Photobook Release — ‘L.A. IS ROUND THE CORNER’ by Tobias Bärmann


We’re back from a long (digital) summer break and want to invite you to the release of our recent project this week. Upcoming Friday, we are going to present the photo book ’L.A. IS ROUND THE CORNER‘ with JB. Paper by Hamburg-based photographer Tobias Bärmann at the lovely book store Zabriskie in Berlin-Kreuzberg. They will host the release and a small exhibition. The book and a limited print edition will be available for purchase.

Release of ’L.A. IS ROUND THE CORNER‘, JB. Paper #05
Friday, August 21, 5 pm
Manteuffelstr. 73

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Photography: Arnold Odermatt — 90th Birthday (Selected Works) at Galerie Springer Berlin


Swiss photographer Arnold Odermatt, trained as a baker and confectioner, joined the police force in the Swiss Canton of Nidwalden in 1948. In 1990 he retired with the rank of First Lieutenant, Head of the Traffic Police and Deputy Commander of the Nidwalden police. During his time as police officer he started to photograph the accidents he attended and soon set up a darkroom at the police station. It was his son Urs who discovered Arnold’s archive of traffic accidents from decades and became editor of all of his father’s photo books as he was impressed by the quality of the work.

Arnold Odermatt is celebrating his 90th birthday, and Galerie Springer is joining in: For this very special occasion, the gallery will host an exhibition displaying a selection of his masterpieces. In addition to his well-known work, ‘Karambolagen’, the exhibition will feature some of the masterful works from his series ‘In Zivil’ and ‘Im Dienst’. Books of all three series are published by Steidl.

Opening: May 1, 2015. 6 pm at Galerie Springer, Fasanenstr. 13, Berlin. Running time: May 2 – July 18, 2015
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Sergej Vutuc Interview on


Here is a nice interview with Sergej Vutuc that happened around his and Rich Jacobs’ art show I curated at HVW8 Gallery Berlin past March (‘I don’t have to know you to wave to you’). He spoke to Teresa Köster from, a JB. fellow writer. It’s in German though, so if you understand Deutsch, it’s well worth a read! —Jenne

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Berlin: Street Zine, Issue Uno


Yesterday was the release of Berlin’s street zine, probably the first of its kind, initiated by Sergej Vutuc. Street Zine, Issue Uno includes photos and artworks by Sara Parson-Texas, Lars Noll, LeLe, Sergej Vutuc, Jenne Grabowski, Jo Peters and more, the zine is tangible and walkable in a free space – a little skatepark/playground – in Berlin-Neukölln.
Nothing new that every other corporation is sucking out artforms, claiming to be part of a movement to polish their image. In times like these, it remains even more important to create free art with simple ideas and put it out there.
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Photography: New Issue of Romka Magazine


Joscha, founder and publisher of Romka Magazine, just sent me the recent issue — #09. Again, it was about time for him to change the format of the mag. The concept remains the same, the various participants are sharing their personal stories behind a favorite photograph, one each. You can order a copy on their website, but the mag is available in every well selected magazine/book store around.
“Romka is a collective photo album in which people from all over the world share the stories behind their most cherished photographs.”
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Photography and Resin Sculptures by Eric Cahan


That’s my man! Somebody who’s hanging out for sunrises and sunsets to capture the light and colors during those magic transitions must be on the same page like me. Eric Cahan is a photographer and sculptor based in New York. He titles every work with the time and location of its conception. “My work is meant to capture a moment in nature, asking and empowering the viewer to be fully present, involved, and uplifted. I want the viewer to be drawn in, and be completely absorbed by, rather than separate from, that fleeting moment in time.”

Eric’s liquid glass works are stunning, also check out his incredible prism-like resin sculptures that are made from the same surface material as surfboards. They are kind of like 3D-interpretations of his photographs.
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Artist Talk at HVW8 Berlin: Sergej Vutuc in Conversation With Jenne Grabowski


The Sergej Vutuc & Rich Jacobs show ‘I don’t have to know you to wave to you’ at HVW8 Berlin just opened on March 12th. Jenne Grabowski of JB. Magazine will host an artist talk with Sergej at the gallery space on Linienstr. 161, Berlin.

It will be about the collaborative works of Sergej and Rich, layered experimentations in the darkroom and xerox explorations, putting zine pages behind museum glass and the sociological processes of a zine production.

Zines and art pieces including a special risograph print, that Sergej produced for that show are available for purchase!

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Photography: Bruce Gilden — Brighton Beach, NY


Nothing beats the facial expressions of protagonists in Bruce Gilden‘s photographs. The surreal setting, caused by a nasty flash light Gilden is literally shooting into people’s faces, the high contrast and the fast moving, is something that is instantly identifiable in his images. Here is a series he shot in Brighton Beach, NY, a predominantly Russian neighborhood.
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Vivian Maier Exhibition in Berlin


No big surprise that this would happen some day, but the news a week ago came a bit unexpected that a Vivian Maier exhibition is about to start this week in Berlin. I guess, I don’t have to introduce her as a person with her exceptional story anymore, her body of work she left behind is still as breathtaking as after John Maloof randomly found her legacy of about 150,000 images, negatives and undeveloped film rolls some years ago. About a year ago we interviewed John Maloof during Berlinale. The feature including a presentation of Maier’s work can be found in the current issue of JB.‘Same Space/New Light’

The exhibition is at Willy-Brandt-Haus, Stresemannstr., Berlin-Kreuzberg. Opening on Feb 18th, 2015, 7:30 pm. The show goes until April 12th.

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David Maisel: The Lake Project


Visual artist David Maisel from San Francisco creates large-scaled photographs, capturing the relationships between human culture and natural systems. The Lake Project is a work from around 2002/2003 and includes a monograph published by Nazraeli Press.

The Lake Project comprises images from Owens Lake, the site of a formerly 200 square-mile lake in California on the eastern side of the Sierra Mountains. Beginning in 1913, the Owens River was diverted into the Owens Valley Aqueduct, to bring water to Los Angeles. By 1926, the lake had been depleted, exposing vast mineral flats and transforming a fertile valley into an arid landscape.”
/via Mark Moore Gallery
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Deadbeat Club: ‘Mentally Retired’ Exhibition


The group show of Deadbeat Club is still running a few more days. If you happen to be way out west, check out Slow Culture LA to see real good photography work by Nolan Hall, Cheryl Dunn, Devin Briggs, Andrea Sonnenberg and others. Our featured artist Ed Templeton (in JB. issue #03), who also contributed a print to our group show, is on the line-up, too.
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Atiba Jefferson at HVW8 Berlin


This Saturday, Atiba Jefferson’s first European show starts at HVW8 Gallery Berlin. He was the staff photographer of Transworld Skateboarding and started The Skateboard Mag with his pals after. “So Long, Lonesome” shows a range of his more recent work including skate photography and lots of portraits.
Opening: Saturday, 17.1. from 7 – 10 pm on Linienstr. 161. See you there!

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Larry Sultan at LACMA


Since November, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is holding Larry Sultan’s first posthumous retrospective called Here and Home, five years after he died. Sultan was a photographer and artist of immeasurable impact, who was also known for his conceptual work with long-time collaborator Mike Mandel. In the LACMA retrospective, five major bodies of work from 1977 – 2009 are represented.
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