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JB. Online Shop / JUST GIVE UP. T-shirts


As you might know, we have an online shop now. And it’s open all day & night. Our awesome T-shirt — JUST GIVE UP., the Just Breathe. X Give Up Art collaboration is available again in all sizes from S to XL, mint or white print on a grey T-shirt. Giving up is the new way of releasing yourself. Don’t sleep on this!


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In Production: Our JUST GIVE UP. Shirts


The first run of our collaboration shirts with our great buddy Stuart/GiveUpArt is in production. Don’t forget to pre-order. They’ll be going quick…

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We’re Back In Town…


We’re back home after being about two weeks on the road, breathing fresh air in the Swiss hills, splashing in glacial rivers and Italian lakes, finding an amazing James Turrell skyspace on 1700 m above sea level, spending rad times with Sergej and a lot more. Updates coming up this week.




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Hot: Give Up Art X JB. Magazine Collaboration


We have been collaborating with JB. buddy and good friend Stuart of Give Up Art most recently to create the artwork for the 10 3/4 Years celebration. We also took the chance to realize an old idea: making t-shirts! With a short and exclusive run of ten examples, we supplied the artists and close friends that night. The object of desire — we’ll make a whole lot (as many as we can…) — will be available this summer for a fair price!

You want one? Of course you do! Send us a mail to mag[at] or drop a message on facebook so we can consider this on our production plan.
Around the release there will be the chance of winning a few. Watch out!

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We Celebrate — 10 3/4 YEARS OF JB.


10 3/4 YEARS OF JB.
We gotta celebrate more than a decade of JUST BREATHE. — It all started in 2002 with wild House-parties in dusty basements up to the bright lofts of your uncle and the idea of making a rad magazine. Legendary times were following in the backroom of the bar Waldohreule (engl.: Long Eared Owl) in Kreuzberg with the early DJ Team Jenne + Saap and many great guests from around the globe, the liaison with the Hardwax-crew, from Club Watergate to WMF to Horst Krzbrg, plus some radio shows.
And a magazine: We started with an online mag (coded in Flash…), then a hand-bound issue followed in 2006. Now it is a tabloid newspaper jam-packed with great stories and bold colors including a highly inspirational online blog!

And many things to happen… We are eager to realize our projects we are working on — current and upcoming.

Magazines, music, culture, ourselves and YOU — this is what we want to celebrate today, and in our future. We would love to see you there!

> Poster/graphic design by Jenne Grabowski & Give Up Art
> Artwork by the amazing tchmo (Thank you!)


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We got new stickers! And we’re going to be out & about now to go “tagging”.

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Clark Goolsby in the House…

I am a big fan of bartering services. It might not be about a service in this case, more a part of our heart’s blood. This awesome fine art print of a piece by Clark Goolsby got framed and now found the way into my new home, gracing the wall of my room. It is great to do things like JB., meeting amazing people and artists like Clark, and being able to share a passion and love for the things we do and who we are.

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Listening to Trees

“When we have learned how to listen to trees, then the brevity and the quickness and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts achieve an incomparable joy.” —Hermann Hesse

Here is a little semi-poetic “instaphoto” journey, from a few short walks on crutches, some backcountry drives through the brightest and most colorful late summer in autumn (in the middle of Germany) where I mostly met bees, cows and horses. Sunny side (up) all the time, until the mystical fog and a sudden drop in temperature. Hello slow motion, hello new season!
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Recovering In A State Of Now

We slow down when everything is going fast… Really, things are a bit slow-motion here on JB. I am recovering from a skate injury which happened two weeks ago, including a three day hospitalization. Posts are at the lowest frequency at the moment. But keep on sending suggestions and ordering JB. #02 — State Of Now. And keep on smiling!
—Regards, Jenne / JB.

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Clip: JB. — State Of Now

From the Berlin–Kreuzberg streets around the world: JB. #02 — State Of Now. Check out our nice & short clip and help us to promote our second issue.

Filmed by Cesar Torales
Edited by Jonathan Peters (he’s been featured in our first issue)
Starring our great ladies Hae Lan and Nike.

Thanks to Simone for providing the sweet beat by Rubies, ‘Dreamhunt’ (Instr.) — produced by Erlend Øye, with Daniel Nentwig on keys (you know, these dudes from The Whitest Boy Alive).

Feel free to forward and post this clip wherever it should go. We appreciate your support! Let’s keep moving on!

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JB. — Featured in Skateboard MSM

Our State Of Now issue got nicely featured in the current issue of German skate magazine Skateboard MSM. Thanks to editor-in-chief and friend Oli Tielsch, who is also involved in a nice exhibition project starting in Cologne this weekend. More on that later. Get issue #314 to see JB. and read a short interview with my humble self… By the way, JB. also coincidentally stands for the initials of our forenames — Jenne and Barnabas (the other squirrel and maker of the mag!).

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Doug Aitken — NOW

Don’t know how I could miss to post the Doug Aitken (fine art installation artist) sculptures during our release process of JB. #02 — State Of Now issue. They are amazing, and at least the mirror dude should hang on the JB. walls here. So, please Mr. Aitken, get in touch so that this thing can come to its perfect home!

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Get Your Copy of JB. #02 Now!

Get your copy of JB. #02 — State Of Now here!
Send your order to and receive payment information.
We prefer payment via paypal.

€ 6,- incl. shipping within Germany
€ 8,- incl. shipping within Europe (£ 6,50 for UK)

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Monday Morning Vibes: King Krule

We start a new week how we ended the other, with lots of good vibes, accompanied and provided by young King Krule (former Zoo Kid). Watch the video below.

The roll-out of the second issue of JB. has just begun. Order your copy here and tell everyone!

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JB. Magazine — Issue #02: Now Available!

JUST BREATHE. Magazine — Issue #02 — State Of Now

Mercedes Helnwein
Sergej Vutuc
Jay Howell
Adrian Rubi-Dentzel
Matt Pattinson aka Culprit
Rip Zinger
Clark Goolsby
Scott Bourne
Matthew Dent

32 pages on newsprint, tabloid format, full color.
August 2012

Comes with a special postcard in collaboration with Sergej Vutuc.

Payment via paypal (German and international orders) or bank transfer (preferably for orders in Germany). Email to order [at] to receive payment instructions.

€ 6,- incl. shipping within Germany
€ 8,- incl. shipping within Europe
£ 6,50 for UK

The magazine will be available in selected stores soon!

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Simone Rubi + Tellé Records Norway

Here are some beautiful watercolor paintings by my great friend (and also JB. contributor) Simone, including these posters for Tellé Records from Norway. Simone did the interview with Adrian who made the plexiglass skateboard (with LED lights inside the trucks!) — The Glass Slipper — which you can see on our rad cover!
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JB. #02 — State Of Now — Cover

We are revealing the cover of our second issue. You can see “The Glass Slipper” by Adrian Rubi-Dentzel, photo by Danielle Rubi-Dentzel, design by Jenne/JB. Get this issue to learn everything about the Glass Slipper and a lot more which will enhance your everyday life. Release of JB. Magazine — Issue #02 — State Of Now on next Wednesday, 15.08.2012! Available through this website first and soon in stores of your choice.

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It’s Here: JB. #02 — State Of Now

JUST BREATHE. Magazine — Issue #02 — State Of Now
We just received the freshly printed paper in tabloid format, sent to us all the way from London to Berlin. It’s looking awesome! We are very content with the result. Here is a glimpse on some of the 32 pages, jam-packed with great stuff by amazing people: Clark Goolsby, Adrian Rubi-Dentzel, Matt Pattinson, Rip Zinger, Jay Howell, Mercedes Helnwein, Matthew Dent, Scott Bourne, Nick Deakin, Erosie, Sergej Vutuc. (Click on the images to see a larger view!)

Release: 15. August 2012
The release date of the magazine is 15.08.2012. It will be available through our website first, and soon in all kinds of nice stores around you. We will keep you in the loop.
Read more …

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The Future Is Still Available

Back from a week in nature dreamland, Krkonoše (the Giant Mountains) in the Czech Republic. All greens available. Breathing, balancing, recreating, resolving, finding. The perfect state of NOW. But some leftovers of the future are still available…

In the meantime, JB. Issue #02 — State Of Now, has landed in Berlin. And it is looking awesome!
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JB. #02 — Out in August 2012

The mag has been printed and is enroute from London to Berlin. We are very excited about the outcome. Filled up with happiness to present issue #02, 32 pages of tabloid newspaper format, packed with goodness. Be prepared for the release!

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“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” —Hermann Hesse
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It’s done! Issue #02 is at the printer. At this moment, JB. — State Of Now issue should be in print somewhere in London and we will receive a package of 1000 copies by the end of the first week of August. This issue holds a record in procrastination, or to put it the correct way: master of postponement! Anyway, we are happy!

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All Over the Place: Jim Denevan

Even after years, the large scale projects of Jim Denevan are still leaving me deeply impressed. Denevan makes temporary drawings on sand, earth and ice that are eventually erased by waves and weather. It’s all about the moment. Once that it’s there, it will be gone soon.
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Light Up!

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A Kind of Blue in Green

What a lovely weekend this was. Ended up on a secret little festival south of Berlin with nice people, good music (that I was playing…), sweet nature and an old airfield. And the week started like this: our cover of JB. #01 hit the frontpage of Coverjunkie, home of the best magazine covers in the world! We’re delighted!

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