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Stephen Powers Exhibition: Coney Island Is Still Dreamland (To a Seagull)


Reasons enough for me to visit NY is Stephen Powers’ upcoming show Coney Island Is Still Dreamland (To a Seagull) at the Brooklyn Museum, November 20, 2015–March 13, 2016.
Stephen aka ESPO: “I’ve been trying to write a few words for a few weeks now on the occasion of my doing a show at the Brooklyn Museum. I put in the work and wrote innumerable false starts, so now I know the right words are this: There are no words. I can only show, I can not tell. Come meet my train of thought when I arrive on November 20th.”

He released a new screen print in an edition of 40 (and 20 more with his pencil doodles) for the impatient.



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Musicdesign: New Artwork for Also by Give Up Art


Our good friend Stuart Hammersley aka Give Up Art created this superb, minimal design for a collaborative new music project by Appleblim and Second Storey on R&S Records that has been released a while ago. Great signature style by the Hammer, I’d say.
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Preview for Juxtapoz May 2015: Chris Ware


Our fave magazine Juxtapoz is putting one of our favorite graphic illustrators/artists on their cover for the May 2015 issue: Chris Ware. How cool ist that?!

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Andy Rementer’s ‘San Marino Stamps’


Classic Andy Rementer goodness, a series of stamps about 3D printing for the Republic of San Marino.
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Stephen Powers: Commencement Speaker For Hire


Integrating the art and wise words of Stephen Powers aka ESPO in your life is adding to your sense of humor and serenity. If you don’t do that, you can learn something here. Stephen sent out some advice in a recent newsletter, offering to provide commencement speeches for interested art colleges and universities. ESPO is the best! Read an example:

I’m working on a commencement address for the class of 2016, interested Ivy League Universities and Community Colleges get in touch:

If you’re graduating today with an arts degree, today is your first day of business and you have made your first bad business decision of your professional life. Congratulations. Being an artist requires that you make hundreds of bad business decisions throughout your career, student loan debt is great jump on your competitors. If you are graduating with no debt, you’re already lagging in the race to greatness, so go get a beer and start buying records. Now assuming everybody here has experience with making bad business decisions, I’m gonna tell you why bad business is the best art of all.

Bad business means saying no when they ask you to change your style. Bad business is not selling out the work you did with the community for commercials. Bad business is not taking the money when you don’t care how it turns out. Bad business is not making the excuse that everybody does it. Bad business is not compromising a little bit.

And if you get a good business opportunity take it, but make it bad business and make it good art. Good business is designing a sneaker for Nike. Bad business is making that sneaker out of clear plastic and covering it with art about wasting money on sneakers. Good business is designing an ice bucket for Absolut and covering it with art about my love of alcohol. I love alcohol. I love it. Good business is fake cool. Bad business is real cool. Be real cool.

When I was your age I had spray paint and an alias, so i wrote “life is short and art is long” on a wall. I’ll do it again today. Try me. Not only is it more true than ever, but Im true as ever. So make a name and art something you can live with, if you do it right its going to live a lot longer than you. Make a name that your friends are happy to hear, your foes angry to see, and the kids in 2099 are writing in laser paint.



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Video: Andrew Schoultz — ‘Broken Order’ at Ruttkowski;68


We are happy to announce that Andrew Schoultz is another awesome artist on our list for JB. #03. A big feature with the California-based artist is currently in the works. Check out the elaborate screen print he just made with our friends from Draw A Line. And here is a nice video clip from his current solo show at Ruttkowski;68 in Köln!

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László Moholy-Nagy at the Bauhaus Archiv Berlin


Nothing to add here. The ingenious work by the most favorite artist László Moholy-Nagy is getting honored with an exhibition for another time at Bauhaus Archiv, Berlin. It includes a number of contemporary artists and has been prepared in collaboration with the Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art in Winnipeg. I would love to move in for that time before I move over to his Meisterhaus, living in a Moholy-Nagy environment would be heaven! (All images: Lucia Moholy, László Moholy-Nagy, VG Bildkunst)
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Artshow: “Give Love Back” — Ata Macias & Partner


The prolific cat Ata Macias, co-founder of the record label Playhouse, excellent DJ, owner of the club Robert Johnson and self-taught artist/graphic designer… (the list goes on, he is also a pretty good kitchen chef and is running a restaurant) has an art show at the Museum für angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt. From posters, flyers, record covers, t-shirts to books, furniture, jewelry – the process and the event including all participating people is always the most important thing. Starting in September, this one is going to be fun.
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Poster Campaign for Bauhaus Archiv Berlin


For a couple weeks there were these sweet posters all over this town for the redesign of Bauhaus Archiv Berlin’s corporate identity. Four different designs in this campaign that are showing famous work by Breuer, Schlemmer, Brandt and Gropius. Not only this but a lot more got rebrushed for Bauhaus Archiv by the German agency L2M3. It’s about time to go there again and later to the reopened and rebuilt Meisterhäuser in Dessau!
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New Dalek Murals at the SMoCA


James Marshall aka Dalek redesigned a couple of walls of the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and painted some fresh murals. It is the museum with that Skyspace by James Turrell and the same spot where I met Leslie Shows most recently, who will be featured in the next issue of JB.
Scottsdale is where it’s happening…



Images © by Sean Deckert

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Art: Wooden Sculptures by Drew Tyndell


More recent works by Drew Tyndell, an artist located in Nashville, Tennessee, who is creating wooden sculptures by putting different color pieces together with a reference to architectural structures and graphical grids, like a puzzle with odd mosaic pieces.
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032c Summer Issue #26 / 2014


Two brilliant cover designs of the ever winning 032c magazine.


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Art: The Shapes & Lines of Giulio Vesprini


Giulio Vesprini is a graphic designer and artist from Civitanova Marche in Italy which is on the Adriatic coast. It was Graffiti that got him into art in the nineties, his wall paintings and installation have a very architectural and graphical vibe, Mondrian or the Bauhaus are kind of living next door. We’ve lined him up for a Five Easy Pieces in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned for more from this guy.
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Illustration: Viktor Hachmang


Something interesting from the illustration planet by Viktor Hachmang. (Suggested by Barnabas!)
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The Art of Sean Newport


Lovely three-dimensional works by Sean Newport, who creates them by hand cutting geometric shapes and tiling them together. Found via Jux
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New Art: Don Pendleton


One of your favourite artists – Don Pendleton – recently had a show in Laguna Beach, CA with a bunch of new paintings. More infos on AR4T.
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Monster Children Photo Annual


Sydney’s magazine makers of Monster Children released their current photo annual featuring a whole bunch of good photographers like Jerry Hsu, Cheryl Dunn, Skin Phillips or T Eric. Watch a video about it here.
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Finding Faces with Siggi Eggertson


Siggi Eggertson is really becoming a master of infinity in his works, this new example is purely spiritual. An exhibition in Reykjavik at Spark | Design Space is showing Skvis, where Siggi is taking the tradition of ornaments or patterns to another level.
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Desillusion Magazine #42: Prisoner of Pleasure


The surf and skate focused magazine from France – Desillusion Magazine – is doing a great job again with their new issue. Here are some previews (lifted from their site)
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Collective Futures in NYC


Our pals from Colectivo Futuro from London are curating a show in New York which is opening on Saturday, 4. October 2013 — Collective Futures. “The pop-up exhibition […] is set to explore how various local visual artists and creatives express their day to day interaction with The City.” A bunch of artists with various backgrounds intertwine in a world of graphics, illustrations, art, music and lots more. Check out their website for further information.


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Miss Read Berlin 2013

We are on Miss Read this week. It’s a nice art book and zine fair happening in the same rooms as abc in Berlin. We are going to share a stall with Sergej Vutuc, who we are also representing as he will be out in London taking care of his exhibition at Wayward Gallery. He has a whole lot of different zines and other art stuff.

Visit us from Friday till Sunday (20.-22.09.) and check our new zines, JB. Paper #01 and #02Shelter and (BOUND). We will also have a bunch of copies of the State Of Now issue as well as our brand new T-Shirts, JUST GIVE UP.

Would be nice to see you!


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The Gentlewoman, New Issue


I am totally not interested in men or women magazines, unless they talk to you with self-evidence and avoid role-play. The Gentlewoman is such a magazine. If it’s the paper or their website, both presences are very excellent. As Miranda July put it: “Aspirational and luxurious, yet not misogynist. It can be done.” These images are from the current issue.
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New Edition by Andy Gilmore

News from Andy Gilmore and his new edition for Ghostly. Here is a really nice and inspiring video portrait accompanying the release of his nebula series.
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Berlin: Illustrative Festival 2013


The 6th edition of Illustrative Festival is starting this Saturday. Hosted by the Direktorenhaus in Berlin, the festival offers exhibitions, the Young Illustrators Award, presenting Poland as the guest of honour, drawing classes and much more. Check out their program here.
“Illustrative, the international art show, is unique and one of a kind for exhibiting contemporary illustration art. This year’s festival will take place at Illustrative’s permanent exhibition and event space Direktorenhaus in Berlin-Mitte, the very heart of the creative capital.”


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Erosie in Moscow


Our fellow artist Erosie from Amsterdam has travelled to Russia to paint some walls in Moscow. He did this wall piece of a round building which now is a never ending interactive walk, clockwise or counterclockwise. Sweet!
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