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Check: Tauba Auerbach’s Incredible Pop-Up Book “[2,3]” With Printed Matter



We’re mega big fans of Tauba’s work. Here she took the idea of a pop-up book to a new level, inside of each book is one huge geometric paper sculpture. She is currently part of an exhibition for contemporary artists and architects at the SFMOMA and realized her new book 2,3 with NY indie publisher Printed Matter. Nowness created an unboxing video for this and we found it on Jux.

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August 21, 2015: JB. Photobook Release — ‘L.A. IS ROUND THE CORNER’ by Tobias Bärmann


We’re back from a long (digital) summer break and want to invite you to the release of our recent project this week. Upcoming Friday, we are going to present the photo book ’L.A. IS ROUND THE CORNER‘ with JB. Paper by Hamburg-based photographer Tobias Bärmann at the lovely book store Zabriskie in Berlin-Kreuzberg. They will host the release and a small exhibition. The book and a limited print edition will be available for purchase.

Release of ’L.A. IS ROUND THE CORNER‘, JB. Paper #05
Friday, August 21, 5 pm
Manteuffelstr. 73

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Brian Roettinger Book Signing at HVW8 Berlin


LA based artist and designer Brian Roettinger is in town to present his exhibition (May 18 – June 24, 2015). There will be a book signing tonight at HVW8 Berlin from 6-8 pm.

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New DRAW A LINE Print by Osif Seiksuh


Trying to catch up with everything after working on Sergej Vutuc and Rich Jacob’s show at HVW8 Berlin last week. A follow-up post with some images will be online later this week.
In the meantime, the Osif Seiksuh lithograph for our friends from Draw A Line has finally been released. Osif is originally from NY – born and raised – living in Berlin since 1996. He spent most of his time in the streets doing graffiti but gathered all his experience to work in a studio as a painter and sculptor nowadays.
For Draw A Line, he created a lithograph at Tabor Presse in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Watch this short clip and read the artist feature to get more insight. Also you can order his print on the DAL website.
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Artist Talk at HVW8 Berlin: Sergej Vutuc in Conversation With Jenne Grabowski


The Sergej Vutuc & Rich Jacobs show ‘I don’t have to know you to wave to you’ at HVW8 Berlin just opened on March 12th. Jenne Grabowski of JB. Magazine will host an artist talk with Sergej at the gallery space on Linienstr. 161, Berlin.

It will be about the collaborative works of Sergej and Rich, layered experimentations in the darkroom and xerox explorations, putting zine pages behind museum glass and the sociological processes of a zine production.

Zines and art pieces including a special risograph print, that Sergej produced for that show are available for purchase!

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Stephen Powers: Commencement Speaker For Hire


Integrating the art and wise words of Stephen Powers aka ESPO in your life is adding to your sense of humor and serenity. If you don’t do that, you can learn something here. Stephen sent out some advice in a recent newsletter, offering to provide commencement speeches for interested art colleges and universities. ESPO is the best! Read an example:

I’m working on a commencement address for the class of 2016, interested Ivy League Universities and Community Colleges get in touch:

If you’re graduating today with an arts degree, today is your first day of business and you have made your first bad business decision of your professional life. Congratulations. Being an artist requires that you make hundreds of bad business decisions throughout your career, student loan debt is great jump on your competitors. If you are graduating with no debt, you’re already lagging in the race to greatness, so go get a beer and start buying records. Now assuming everybody here has experience with making bad business decisions, I’m gonna tell you why bad business is the best art of all.

Bad business means saying no when they ask you to change your style. Bad business is not selling out the work you did with the community for commercials. Bad business is not taking the money when you don’t care how it turns out. Bad business is not making the excuse that everybody does it. Bad business is not compromising a little bit.

And if you get a good business opportunity take it, but make it bad business and make it good art. Good business is designing a sneaker for Nike. Bad business is making that sneaker out of clear plastic and covering it with art about wasting money on sneakers. Good business is designing an ice bucket for Absolut and covering it with art about my love of alcohol. I love alcohol. I love it. Good business is fake cool. Bad business is real cool. Be real cool.

When I was your age I had spray paint and an alias, so i wrote “life is short and art is long” on a wall. I’ll do it again today. Try me. Not only is it more true than ever, but Im true as ever. So make a name and art something you can live with, if you do it right its going to live a lot longer than you. Make a name that your friends are happy to hear, your foes angry to see, and the kids in 2099 are writing in laser paint.



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Photography: Swiss Photographer René Burri Died


René Burri, who became an associate of Magnum agency at the age of 23, died on Monday in Zurich aged 81. He had been suffering from a long illness. His most famous and iconic photo was of Che Guevara during an exclusive interview, but also his portraits of Picasso, Castro or Le Corbusier can be mentioned all in one breath, to just talk about well known shots here.
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Cleon Peterson in October’s Issue of Juxtapoz


The artist Cleon Peterson who realized a couple of art prints with our friends from Draw A Line this year is featured in the October issue of Juxtapoz with an interview and his artwork on the cover.
“Most of the advertising we’re confronted with in the world says, “Buy into this because it’s good and will make your life better.” That’s not the function of my art. I want to present things that are cognitively dissonant, ideas that make the viewer have to think critically about the ethical, moral, and historical roles we all play in the world.”
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JB. at the Photo Book Museum in Cologne


Finally showing a few images of my recent trip to Cologne two weeks ago when I went to see what the Photo Book Museum is all about that opened its doors on August 19th. I could not attend the opening but arrived two days later. My highlights: I was meeting Sergej on Thursday to see his part of the show with his zines, the Chargesheimer exhibition in the basement, Todd Hido’s talk on Saturday and of course meeting Ed Templeton, for me one of the most influential skateboarders back then, and now a great photographer. The museum was initiated by Markus Schaden (Schaden Books), a publisher and former owner of a dedicated book store in Cologne. His seemingly infinite power and inspiration was filling up that huge space, an old abandoned copper factory, with a vision that is now visible and tangible for everyone until October 3rd, 2014 before the museum is going on the road.

From Stephen Shores (“La Brea/Beverly”) to Todd Hido, Julian Germain to Daido Moriyama, Carolyn Drake to Deanna and Ed Templeton you can find books, photo book studies, framed images and large prints, lectures, a darkroom, the art book cologne book store. They rebuilt the bar of the famous Café Lehmitz from Hamburg inside the museum space. There are even two skateable ramps that Ed Templeton put his paintings on, right in front of the entrance. Expect the program to be exciting over the next few weeks, especially during Photokina and the Photoszene Köln festival things are getting wild for you in the city when you’re interested in the power of still images and grain.
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New Edition at Draw A Line: Andrew Schoultz


Our friends at Draw A Line just released a new art edition called Last Hand with the amazing artist Andrew Schoultz. The LA-based artist spent a few days in Berlin past May and realized the edition in collaboration with Draw A Line. Get your hands on a copy as they are strictly limited as always. They produced a 4-color silk-screen print in a run of 40. Be sure to read the artist story.
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Now Open: Photobook Museum in Cologne


Yesterday – August 19th – was the birthday of photography. 175 years ago the Daguerreotype process was officially announced and the materials became available to public. That same day but 2014, the Photobook Museum opened its doors to the public in Cologne, initiated by Markus Schaden. That was yesterday. And our friend Sergej Vutuc exhibits a bunch of his photo zines and sent us these images to get an idea of what’s going on.
Ed Templeton is involved who shows his photo works in one of these containers, he also built two skate ramps that got some of his signature paintings on it. The opening week is going until Sunday 24th with lots of actions around the exhibition in the abandoned Carlswerk in Cologne. And it’s looking good that JB. will be there this weekend. Hope to see you there!
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Photography: John Oliver Hodges


Simply amazing street photography by John Oliver Hodges. He has published a couple zines with Hamburger Eyes.
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Zines Of The Zone in Berlin


We could ask the same questions over and over again and as I just picked up the title of an article by a great editorial designer this morning which says “Are Apps Dead?” when it comes to digital editorial publishing, I can feel even more that print is still alive as it was and even in a happier mood than before, it never had been dead and it’s not going to die soon. Zines Of The Zone is proving this fact, yet another micro appearance of the vast creative print cosmos, it is a traveling library for self-published work and currently on tour for six months all across Europe. Stopping by in Berlin at Urban Spree today and tomorrow (17. + 18. April). Check their schedule to see if you are able to catch them in your city.

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Jai Tanju: Full Color Black & White


This is a 44 pages color photo zine by Jai Tanju, and the title might already reveal the content… Full Color Black & White. The photos were shot on and around the spectacle of the annual Vans US open event in Huntington Beach. Jai twisted his black and white photographs for this zine with a kind of duplex technique in the layout process. Available here.
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The Gentlewoman, New Issue


I am totally not interested in men or women magazines, unless they talk to you with self-evidence and avoid role-play. The Gentlewoman is such a magazine. If it’s the paper or their website, both presences are very excellent. As Miranda July put it: “Aspirational and luxurious, yet not misogynist. It can be done.” These images are from the current issue.
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“Maximum Respect” by Tim Head


Here is a fun little book by British artist Tim Head, a nostalgic love letter to the London rave and pirate scene of 1989–2001. The book presents a bunch of collage works created over a number of late night jams in 2013. It has been released by Small Time Books.
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Stefan Marx: This Sounds A Bit Like Goodbye


Good ol’ Stefan Marx just released a new book with our favorite publisher Nieves.
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