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Five Easy Pieces: When John Maloof Found the World of Vivian Maier


JB.’s Five Easy Pieces — #04
Meeting John Maloof and Charlie Siskel, the directors of Finding Vivian Maier

A rare story that can perhaps top the excitement of Finding Vivian Maier is the JB. story about finding John Maloof and Charlie Siskel at the Berlinale Film Festival 2014. We might be subjective and there might not be enough thrills for a movie, but meeting, interviewing and spending time with the two directors of this documentary was a fun episode. From accidentally sitting next to the authors at the press screening, to getting an interview on a very short notice – we might be slowing down when everything is going fast, but we sure know how to speed things up when time is of the essence. Despite the circumstances, we had a great talk about a whole lot of aspects of Vivian Maier’s work, but also learned who she was as an artist apart from her everyday job as a nanny. A memorable moment at the end of the day was champagne and small talk about skateboards and photography with the film crew at the Glashütte Lounge high above Potsdamer Platz. A little bizarre.

The full interview with John Maloof and Charlie Siskel including some large format images of Maier’s photographs will be available in the upcoming print issue – JB. Magazine #03. Read below our little teaser to the JB. story of Finding John Maloof & Charlie Siskel.
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Five Easy Pieces: A Nostalgic Love/Rave Letter by Tim Head

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JB.’s Five Easy Pieces — #03
Interview with Tim Head

With his book Maximum Respect… published by Smalltime Books, artist Tim Head created a nostalgic love letter to his early years as a teenager in London when he explored the jungle and hardcore culture. The rave and pirate scene was the last time that “London youth culture was truly dangerous, underground, inventive and genuinely exciting before the internet age”, he says.

“‘Maximum Respect…’ presents a series of Tim’s collage works created over a number of late night jams in 2013. All crew inside. Hype! Hype! This one is big.” – that’s what his publisher is saying about the book. In a late 2013 JB. jam, Tim shared some insights about his working methods, talked about when he was still to young in the early 90s to take a mouth full of pills but still was part of the rave scene and how important politics is to him.
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Five Easy Pieces: Exploring Spaces with the Serbian Artist Д.Л.Т. aka Dulait


JB.’s Five Easy Pieces — #02
Interview with Д.Л.Т. aka Dulait from Serbia

“Early in the 21st century in the weird land of Serbia a new festival was born. First it was small and than it grew. It dwelled and struggled but it always delivered. It was hardcore, but it had heart. And now it’s gone. The end is always the beginning.”
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Five Easy Pieces: Graphic Surgery, Amsterdam


We start a new column — Five Easy Pieces — where we talk to artists that we admire or the people we know who are doing stuff, asking them to show some pieces of their recent work or let them curate a selection of things they would like to share. We will not limit ourselves to five pieces each, but we love the title and refer to the days of early piano lessons. (There was this Jack Nicholson film, too.) We are happy to start with Graphic Surgery, Erris and Gysbert they are, talented folks from Amsterdam, shaping your environment in details here and there.
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