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Colectivo Futuro Launches CF Editions


Our good friends from Colectivo Futuro are exploring new paths and finally launch their CF Editions. It will be a home for unique and very personal music by friends and family of the London-based collective. Edition No. 1 comes from Smpl Thngs (Graciela Maria, Maki Shimizu and Lukasz Polowczyk) with very atmospheric and rather quiet songs, all recorded in one take. Read an interview with Lukas here.

Limited edition tapes are now available exclusively via their online shop. Each come with a unique hand-drawn artwork by the project’s illustrator, Maki Shimizu.



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Nahawa Doumbia at HAU & Robert Henke’s “Lumière II” at Volksbühne Berlin


We just got a heads up from our friend Zuri on the Nahawa Doumbia concert at HAU Berlin on Sunday night. It’s her first appearance in Berlin thanks to Mr Brian Shimkovitz aka Awesome Tapes From Africa. Brian once started his own label under the same name with a re-release of an album from the ‘80s by Nahawa Doumbia. Sounds more than interesting. It will be followed by an after-show-party with DJ Jimmy Trash at WAU – the café/bar on Hallesches Ufer.

Concert starts at 8pm sharp. Tickets here.

A few days later, Thursday Nov. 26th, Robert Henke (aka Monolake) will perform Lumière II at Volksbühne Berlin. It’s an audiovisual composition for lasers and sound and is a long term artistic research project.


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Photos: By The Lake Festival Berlin


A recap of the really sweet By The Lake Festival in Berlin two weeks ago is now up on Groove magazine (in German). Text by Christin Bolte and photos by Jenne Grabowski. More photos by Jenne from the event and especially the impressive energy during the Omar Souleyman show here in this post on JB.
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Win Tickets for Mark Ernestus pres. Jeri-Jeri @ HAU, Berlin on Wednesday 01. October 2014


Ticket giveaway!
This Wednesday, 01.10.2014, Mark Ernestus & Jeri-Jeri are playing a concert at HAU in Berlin. For those who don’t know, this music has its origin in Senegal and the Gambia and has a long lived musical tradition, Jeri-Jeri is the name of a clan of sabar drummers and even more precisely in this context a project produced by Mark Ernestus. “Make no mistake, this is not sanitized music for the feel-good market or African-flavoured dub techno – this is Nda!a. Or more commonly named Mbalax.”

You can win 2 tickets/guest-list spots for this event on Wednesday, 01. October 2014 at HAU Theater in Berlin, Hallesches Ufer 32.
Send us an email to mag[at] with the subject Jeri-Jeri until Tuesday, 6 pm or like this post on our FB page.

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Artshow: “Give Love Back” — Ata Macias & Partner


The prolific cat Ata Macias, co-founder of the record label Playhouse, excellent DJ, owner of the club Robert Johnson and self-taught artist/graphic designer… (the list goes on, he is also a pretty good kitchen chef and is running a restaurant) has an art show at the Museum für angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt. From posters, flyers, record covers, t-shirts to books, furniture, jewelry – the process and the event including all participating people is always the most important thing. Starting in September, this one is going to be fun.
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Bright: Experience Extraordinaire

exp extra XI 2014-07-10_plakat online 680

We’re part of the Bright party that our friends from Skateboard MSM and Iriedaily are hosting: Experience Extraordinaire. It includes a skateable guitar sculpture that is creating sounds while you are going for a Backside Smith Grind… See you at Cassiopeia on Thursday night!

msm skateable guitar sculpture flyer

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Deadboy Video Directed by Thomas Traum

It’s time for some music video on JB. as Thomas Eberwein aka Thomas Traum directed another unique clip. The track Return comes from London producer Deadboy and Thomas Traum is adding his story to it: an astronaut is returning from space directly into a club. Some colored laser lights, fog and that’s it. And it’s really looking cool.
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Kim Gordon With Body/Head on This Superb Cover of Huck Magazine


Check out this unexcitedly brilliant cover of Huck Magazine No. 42 graced by Kim Gordon and Bill Nace aka Body/Head. When you’ve been kind of growing up with Kim, it’s always good to see her anywhere, especially after I missed her show in Berlin a few weeks ago.

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7 Days of Funk — Dam Funk & Snoop


That’s what’s up! Dam Funk and legendary Snoopzilla team up for rolling out some hilarious G-Funk beats. 7 Days of Funk it’s called and out on our favorite Stones Throw. Winter is getting hot this year. “We’re the babies of the Mothership,” says Snoop. “I’ve had funk influences in my music my whole career. Dam-Funk is cold. He’s keeping the funk alive and I knew I had to get down with him.”


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Crystal Stilts & Vex Ruffin in Berlin


Crystal Stilts are playing in Berlin at Club Gretchen tomorrow. The recently released LP is packed with great songs, although we’re posting our favorite here from their 7″ Shake The Shackles from 2010 Support will come from Vex Ruffin who is making records for Stones Throw. This is one of the transferred Festsaal Kreuzberg concerts.

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Skateboard Concerto at the Cons Space


During the last weeks the Cons Space 002 project was taking place in Berlin, where different kind of artists had the chance to get a platform, creating and showing their works in an abandoned space open to the public close by the river Spree. A few highlights popped up, including the Skateboard Concerto, a project by Sebastien Carayol who was one of the curators of Public Domaine. For the Skateboard Concerto, the classic-pianist Furtunato d’Orio played songs from classic skateboard videos live on the piano while the clips were projected on a screen. Which means, he reworked the songs for piano and wrote down every single note – Black Flag, Beastie Boys, Iron Maiden or Herbie Hancock. Fortunato gave the songs a personal stylistic touch, appeared on stage in a tailcoat and a white bow-tie, which formed a perfect contrast on the whole setting. Absolutely amazing idea.

Sebastien is a bustling guy. He recently released a book called Agents Provocatuer — The 100 Most Subversive Skateboard Graphics Of All Time. These skateboards had been shown at the Public Domaine exhibition two years ago. I had the chance to meet the guys in Berlin and also shot a few portraits on film right after the show. I will share them as soon as they are ready.

Pics of Fortunato by Just, the other few impressions by JB. from the Cons Space, including one of the skateable sculptures by Roberto Cuellar.
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Sons Of The Morning — Speak Soon Vol. 1


Guillermo Scott Herren aka Savath & Savalas or Prefuse 73 and Teebs from the Brainfeeder crew are teaming up for an exciting musical adventure under the name of Sons Of The Morning. Here is a mix for the Needle Exchange series of self-titled mag with influential music that the two dug out during their process of music making.

Also below is a preview of their album which is released today, 1 Oct. 2013, and it’s absolutely dope material. (Pic by Angel Ceballos)

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New Music: Deerhunter — Monomania


Deerhunter (great band!) have released their new album Monomania a few months ago. The new video for Back To The Middle premiered last week but is not visible for the German eye yet, due to the folks of GEMA. Deerhunter are on tour and will come through Berlin on 24.10.2013, actually scheduled for Festsaal Kreuzberg (you know the story?), but now moved to C-Club. Great!


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King Krule: 6 Feet Beneath The Moon


I was so much looking forward to the release of King Krule‘s LP 6 Feet Beneath The Moon. He is one of the musicians not leaving my radar (his EP from last year with Bleak Bake or The Noose of Jah City was killer!), actually since he was Zoo Kid earlier. You can find the Out Getting Ribs track also on this LP. Loving the vibes, the production (The XX producer Rodaidh McDonald involved), his spoken word style and his screaming. Just perfect and freshly different new music. Bummer that he cancelled Dockville festival, but there is a new chance coming up as he will go on tour soon. Definitely belonging to our tunes of the year, decade, life! Watch the video of his opener song Easy Easy or stream the album here. Beyoncé said, it’s the shit, but we knew it before…


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Design Office with Kim Gordon – since 1980


An exhibition with new works by Kim Gordon is happening at White Columns NY, the “first survey exhibition of her ongoing art practice”. A new limited-edition vinyl solo recording by Kim Gordon will accompany the exhibition, plus a publication will follow during fall this year.

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The Story About Festsaal Kreuzberg…


One of the best and cosiest musical institutions of Berlin, right in the middle of Kreuzberg 36 – Festsaal Kreuzberg – went up in fire in the night of 20./21. July 2013. Can’t count the good concerts and events I’ve experienced in the former turkish wedding ballroom, I was playing a few shows there myself, especially the concerts with The Whitest Boy Alive (as DJ). It’s gone for now which is sad, but if they are going to rebuild it at the same place remains unclear for the next few weeks, says their new press release. Keep following the Festsaal and support them however you can, Berlin folks and visitors, the ball is still rolling as their events got relocated to other venues.


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Mount Kimbie ft. King Krule

We’re big fans of King Krule and also like Mount Kimbie. The collaboration between the two on the song “You Took Your Time” is a pretty cool thing, and the video directed by Marcus Soderlund is the icing on the cake and reminds me a bit of the Spike Jonze short Scenes From The Suburbs (maybe because of the scene with the helicopters).


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Mark Ernestus pres. Jeri-Jeri @ Festsaal Kreuzberg


Absolutely recommended: Jeri-Jeri (collaboration of Mark Ernestus and a clan of Sabar drummers) returns to Berlin tonight for a concert at Festsaal Kreuzberg. Sharpen your musical radar!

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New Gold Panda With Artwork By Andy Gilmore


The new Gold Panda has just been released on Ghostly with artwork by our favorite artist Andy Gilmore and an elaborate design by Michael Cina. The vinyl comes in a 2-panel art sleeve printed jacket and includes a die-cut cover and back panel, the CD comes in a 4-panel gatefold jacket and includes a die-cut cover. Forward thinking designs in a digital music world. Physical/visual experience rules!
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Wednesday: Kacey Johansing in Berlin


Lots of Californian vibes in Berlin this Wednesday. Good vibes are around us anyway, but my best friend is coming to town and we’re going to set off some fireworks! Simone is accompanying Kacey Johansing and band on their Europe tour. They make a stop in Berlin, playing an outdoor show at Chalet on Wednesday. I am excited to meet Kacey, who released the ultra-warm, soulful and beautiful Grand Ghosts album a few months ago. (Video below for the song Honey, made by Amanda Marsalis and Simone Rubi)


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We Celebrate — 10 3/4 YEARS OF JB.


10 3/4 YEARS OF JB.
We gotta celebrate more than a decade of JUST BREATHE. — It all started in 2002 with wild House-parties in dusty basements up to the bright lofts of your uncle and the idea of making a rad magazine. Legendary times were following in the backroom of the bar Waldohreule (engl.: Long Eared Owl) in Kreuzberg with the early DJ Team Jenne + Saap and many great guests from around the globe, the liaison with the Hardwax-crew, from Club Watergate to WMF to Horst Krzbrg, plus some radio shows.
And a magazine: We started with an online mag (coded in Flash…), then a hand-bound issue followed in 2006. Now it is a tabloid newspaper jam-packed with great stories and bold colors including a highly inspirational online blog!

And many things to happen… We are eager to realize our projects we are working on — current and upcoming.

Magazines, music, culture, ourselves and YOU — this is what we want to celebrate today, and in our future. We would love to see you there!

> Poster/graphic design by Jenne Grabowski & Give Up Art
> Artwork by the amazing tchmo (Thank you!)


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A special announcement… all infos next week!


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Danny Garcia Pushing Through LA


More skateboarding today… Epic and super mellow video for the song Pyrakantha by Balmorhea. They follow professional skateboarder Danny Garcia as he navigates Los Angeles in the final moments of daylight. The video has been shot over the course of 42 days from November 2012 – February 2013. (via Desillusion)

Balmorhea – Pyrakantha [official] from Colin Kennedy on Vimeo.

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The National: Mistaken For Strangers


This is going to be an interesting film: “Mistaken For Strangers – A year on tour with my brother’s band”. Such a great band.

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The National: Demons

Which first appeared to me like just another indie rock band, turned out to be something really special. The National got me really hooked, not only by Matt Berninger’s compelling voice and his lyrics, this band is pretty amazing and they will release a new album – Trouble Will Find Mesoon. Here is a new song called Demons with a video including illustration by Azar Kazimir at Michelberger Hotel Berlin, where they played an exclusive show about a week ago.


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