To Our Disco (Design) Friends #04

Alan Parsons Project: Pyramid, album art by Hipgnosis

Alan Parsons Project: Pyramid, album art by Hipgnosis

Here it is, our Disco Design #04. No more announcement is needed, we’ve been saying much about Give Up Art in the past few days. Now it’s the turn of Stuart Hammersley to show his really great selection he did exclusively for us, mainly of old vinyls somewhere way down South. Brilliant!

Stuart: “You’ve featured a few of my most recent purchases in your last column actually (The Virgo LP, Ramadanman ‘Work Them’, and that Falty DL ep). So, rather than talk about really new dubstep/post-garage/funky whatever tunes I decided to highlight a few of my recent old vinyl finds from my trip to Sonar that I think people should check out.
Barcelona has some brilliant little second-hand vinyl shops. Seems like there’s one hidden away in every little alleyway. I found some great stuff there… from a music and design point of view.”




Alan Parsons Project — Pyramid
Prog-alert! Alan Parsons engineered Dark Side of the Moon, and the lovely album art is by Hipgnosis (who designed most of Pink Floyd’s greatest album covers.) Pre-photoshop era photomontage of Alan on the cover… (album is from 1978). I bought this mainly for the ‘What Goes Up’ tune… but I do like a fair bit of Alan’s stuff






Spaceship UK — The Untold Story of the British Space Programme
This was stuffed in the Press goodie bags at Sonar – A lovely 1-sided etched vinyl 7″ in a screenprinted clear plastic case. Great op-art inspired illustration and design from Julian House (Ghost Box, Broadcast etc). Spacey music from Daphne Oram and Belbury Poly (from House’s Ghost Box label)




Rolling Stones — Goats Head Soup
I love the Stones.. they’re funky. This LP contains one of my fave songs “Angie”. I love the cover photography – but didn’t realise that the photography AND design is credited to David Bailey! (famous 60’s UK snapper)




Kraftwerk — Pocket Calculator
It’s by Kraftwerk. It’s a Japanese import 7″ on fluro Yellow vinyl. There’s no way I wasn’t going to pick this up!




Deutsche Elektronische Musik — Soul Jazz compilation
A recent purchase – but more old music! I’ve been playing this a hell of a lot lately… The music contained in it — from Can to Neu, Faust to Cluster and lesser-known artists — is still jawdropping and beautiful (standout tune for me is probably “Rambo Zambo” by Kollectiv – 2 minute trippy rock-flute intro!). The desing’s not bad — but what makes it really interesting is a great booklet of sleevenotes and crazy pictures.
Designed by Hans Weiner Schnitzelbergen and Einsanity Klaus – apparently …



South Yorks mixtape
A great free CD compilation I found in Barcelona – with brilliant Sonic Youth inspired illustration from Kid Acne (Sheffield), who was putting on a prty over there. Lots of Sheffield artists on here — Forgemasters; Human League; Fat Truckers and Joe Cocker!

I also wanted to talk about the new Steve Mason — “Boys Outside” CD. Wonderful music and the jewelcase is made of opaque black and white and clear sections — really minimal and gorgeous — but I’ve lent it to a friend and couldn’t get any shots of it! Damn.

New things that I’ve just bought on download that I absolutely love:
Joe — Claptrap (of course!) on Hessle Audio
Hypno — War Demons (Julio Bashmore remix) (Label: PTN)
Space Dimension Controller — Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere (Royal Oak)

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