Flags for Ex-Girlfriends … by Michael Leon

Michael Leon, shaded and flagged at the opening of "Vexhall"

Michael Leon, shaded and flagged at the opening of "Vexhall"

The last couple of weeks have been very hectic at JB. but I exploit this little blank to finally post the pictures that my friend Julia shot of Michael Leon’s show “Vexhall” at our beloved Pool Gallery. This exhibition is rad. So consequent. Flags all over. Sewed, dyed, hand-painted, silk-screened or printed digitally. All made out of fabric, real flags!

The opening night was fun, and it was great to meet Michael, Scott from Arkitip and all his friends too. He is a very open and attentive person. He is also a bit retiring at the same time, he seems very loyal which are all very comfortable characteristics. We really had a good chat that night and he told me contentedly about the process of the flags and that he will continue to do some more.

Michael Leon has done numerous jobs for mostly skateboard companies besides running his own, Stacks. He is a graphic designer who works on briefings too. But also an artist and in both fields of his work you can feel the freedom, his particular style and the emotion attached to it. The show is running until October 1st, hurry up and take your chance if in Berlin. We have some more plans with Michael here on JB. But we will keep you well informed as ever about what’s going to happen.

Anyway, this is not all. There are simmering some more things at JB.
Some great news coming up soon!

All pictures © by Julia Luka Lila Nitzschke


On the right: Paul Stec, he did the animation video of the “Vexhall Eclipse”.


Michael Leon.


Cold German beverages and Paul Stec’s animation video on three screens.


See some more pictures over at Arkitip.
Also check Rasa Libre for example, one of his former projects, I guess he was co-founder of this little skate company.

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