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Today is a good day. The new album of LA artist and producer Teebs is out. We’re kind of bubbling over with joy. His LP ‘Ardour’, that found its way into the light last year, got part of our eternal soundtrack of JB. According to my digital player, Teebs has been played the most throughout the whole year, followed by Falty DL, James Blake ‘Klavierwerke’, Rhythm & Sound (of course!) and Miles Davis. This does not include the numerous vinyl spins for the real treat.

Teebs is not only a talented musician from the Flying Lotus Brainfeeder family but also an amazing painter and skateboarder. He is currently preparing an art show in Chicago, see some older works, ‘record sleeve series’ for example, or more on his myspace. Causing a dream-like mood, floating in time, taking you on a spiritual journey, his music is “the dusty basement sublime”. Listening to these tunes makes you healthy! Guest appearances by Rebekah Raff and jazzer Austin Peralta. We’re so down!

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