To Our Disco (Design) Friends #06

To Our Disco (Design) Friends is back. It took over a year, now I got #06 ready. But I won’t complain about lost time… I am having a closer look at releases from the past months (oh, one record is making a time travel, can you spot it?) that have been impressive, some more musically, some graphically. There are more, but keeping me motivated and you curious for the next round.

Vinyl! No second hand digital information, something real with that I can foster my deep relationship to good sound and great design, something tangible. Here are a few exapmles by FaltyDL, Synkro, Mark Ernestus & Konono No. 1, Theo Parrish, Sepalcure, Martyn and … just have a look below. I also included a few links to their music. Also, I hope that I have set the right credits for the graphical work. Support these artist if you like their music/work! Buy it!

Always down with his music: FaltyDL on Ninja Tune. Design by

A great drum track by Theo Parrish on Sound Signature. Artwork by Josephine Ada Chinonye Chime

Lando Kal on Direct Current. It’s the clear vinyl promo version of this release. Stamps are awesome! Artwork by Marco Sterk, who is sort of the in-house designer of Rush Hour Recordings.

Very smooth and warm leftfieldish tunes by DJ Rum on 2nd Drop. Design by Hi, I’m Ralph!

Oni Ayhun and Shake remix works of Shangaan originals. The Shake Remix is one of the most overlooked tracks this year, I believe. The whole series on HJP is great. Artwork by, of course… Will Bankhead

Liaisons Dangereuse. 1981. Needless to say anything about it. Essential.

Mark Ernestus vs Konono No. 1

Vessel on (left_blank), London based label. Comes with a great Peverelist mix.

Synkro on Mindset. ‘Look At Yourself’ — a mesmerizing, beautiful song. Design: Pierre Serafini

Martyn! We Are You In The Future is one of the most epic tracks this year and could have also been a decent album title. The track is on his LP for Brainfeeder — Ghost People. The mural on the cover pic has been painted by Erosie in Poznan, Poland.

The Sepalcure LP on Hotflush isn’t overly mind-blowing stuff, but there is so much warmth and energy to it. Music to feel good. I have always been into their tunes, so there wasn’t any doubt that I like this one too. Complex and beautiful, so is the artwork. Amazing drawings by Sougwen Chang who also did the art on their previous releases. Check out her portfolio!

Stay tuned for more!

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