This Must Have Been Tomorrow

Reduction of the Available

Reduction of the Available

Undoubtedly one of the most important and distinctive techno records ever made was Robert Hood’s “Minimal Nation” in the year 1994. It was a defining moment in electronic music and now 15 years later, these timeless tracks still sound so fresh that most (minimal) records lack today. Pure dance music that has been stripped down to the essential elements, consistently arranged, with only a few sequences. Restrained modulations are the main changes, reduction and abandonment is the major effect.

An accomplished and exceptional piece of art, nothing before or since then has sounded slightly like that. Referring to the specialty, there is only a few people having a similar approach to producing such unique sounds or tracks. Artists with an equally consistent approach of creating compositions would be an enrichment in todays dance music. I am not dissatisfied with current releases, there is always stuff in the crates to explore depending which path you are following. And it really happens to me at the moment that there are not only a few tunes which are really moving me. (Watch the regularly updated list in the sidebar!)

But I am always tracing for outstanding artists and their works. Creating special pieces rather than copying or quoting is the impulse for progression in music and making art, and also for the own development and inspiration. Too much tracks these days are close to one another and artists, even those who I usually like, are releasing too much, the output is just too high. And then I have to quit on them because their music gets redundant.
Techno music from the 90s, for me especially until the mid/late nineties have been very interesting and probably the most defining times of this genre in the long term. And admittedly it is the sound that I had and still have the biggest reference to when it comes to raw and plain type of electronic music.

Stumbling upon the re-release on his M-Plant label the last days, I can still remember as it was yesterday how it blew my socks off when I heard these tunes in big rooms on huge soundsystems. For completion: In the same year came Internal Empire on Tresor and there was Nighttime World Vol. I on Cheap. Both are quite close to Minimal Nation, done in the same breath, all of a piece. I remember a conversation I had with a friend working at Hard Wax when the Hood Music 3 came out, where he said: “He is kinda invisible for years. Then he brings out a new 12″ and you realize again, what this whole techno music is actually about.”

If you have never listened to his records, you should check it out. If you have it on your dusty record shelf, pick it up again! And you’re not supposed to be in a big and dark club for this. To me it somehow feels like Minimal Nation will be actually released tomorrow. Robert Hood is a great dude!

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