One Year of Sub:Stance at Berghain

The Sub:Stance anniversary line-up

The Sub:Stance anniversary line-up

“One thing is for sure: there will be serious bass-music tonight!”
That’s what the info is saying and there is no doubt reading the line-up for the 1st anniversary party of the Dubstep night called Sub:Stance at Club Berghain, Berlin – the most famous Techno-club to date. Mala (Digital Mystikz) was the dude of the first paarty one year ago with massive tech sounds saturated in roots and dub music, Shackleton and my pal T++ also did great live performances.

This event usually takes place in Berghain only, but for this 1st Birthday party they have also programmed the Panorama bar for the completion of an insane line-up: Mala, Scuba or Loefah among others playing downstairs. John Osborn, Appleblim and two Detroit legends Dan Curtin and Stacey Pullen (!) are upstairs. Not to forget: the host himself Paul Spymania plays at Sub:Stance for the first time.

Preview: The next TDC Show will supply you with loads of Dubstep and Techno tunes. Be prepared!

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