Serbinale Presents: Voyage To Europe – The Missing Amount


Check out this exhibition featuring Serbian artists opening this Friday, 21.11.2014 in Berlin where our writer Natalija Miletic (Serbinale) is involved. The project is dedicated to the celebration of the centenary of the First World War. The exhibition in Berlin is organized in collaboration with Serbinale and is in a new space on Leipziger Straße 60.

About the exhibition:
Voyage to Europe has for its goal to question, from the viewpoint of contemporary art and artists, principles according to which we act (or not), develop personal or collective identity for the last hundred years.What constitutes and from what parts is this identity composed? Is it an illusion to believe that there is some identity politics that is not nationalistic? Which elementary particles we erase during its formation? Is it possible that in the process of its creation we increase the amount of some other social and political values like freedom, human rights, solidarity and public interest? Voyage to Europe is the struggle for different Europe. The missing amount will be partly detected by artists in the exhibition in Berlin.

Artists: Igor Bošnjak, Uroš Đurić, Siniša Ilić, Aleksandar Jestrović Jamesdin, Vladimir Miladinović, Nataša Tepavčević, Marko Tirnanić, Andrea Palašti, Dragana Žarevac
Curators: Mia David & Zoran Ðaković Minniti

Sixth June will play at the opening. Please pencil this one in: Charlie Smooth of GetDeep Berlin and JB.‘s very own Jenne Grabowski will play at the finissage on 6.12.2014. Let’s dance!

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