T.SQ Newsstand Newspaper by Juxtapoz Now Available


In October, Juxtapoz set up the TSQ Newsstand – a new take on the iconic NY newsstand, designed by the artist Grotesk (Juxtapoz cover of issue 12/2009). It was located on Times Square and each day it featured surprise visits from some of the publication’s contributing artists and friends who acted as clerks. A project between Juxtapoz & Victory Journal. Now a limited edition of the T.SQ Magazine is sold via their store.

“The T.SQ Newsstand, created by Juxtapoz and Victory Journal, is a dedication to New York City and the transportive power of print media. The T.SQ Newsstand magazine is a limited edition collection featuring unique views of Times Square from photographers and artists like Daniel Arnold, Cheryl Dunn, Charlie Ahearn, Barbara Kruger and more. The T.SQ magazine was sold exclusively at the newsstand and is now available in our online shop until copies run out.”







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