JUSTBREATHE. — to see, hear and live better.
You can go 40 days without eating, 12 days without water, four days without sleeping, but only three minutes without breathing! JB. to activate reality! Everything else happens naturally, without lifestyle hype or conformance stress. In this space you sit when others stand, listen when others talk, move when others rest.

We slow down, when everything is going fast!

Jenne Grabowski — Creative Director, Photographer, Publisher
Barnabas Schultz — Designer, Retoucher
Karsten Middeldorf — Designer, Editor

JB. Magazine is a cutting edge magazine that covers the arts, music, and street culture. It celebrates the experience of printing on paper and independent publishing. It is made by the Berlin-based designer-cum-musician Jenne Grabowski.

After the first print issue in 2011 was so well-received, the second issue of JB. Magazine “State Of Now” was published in August 2012. It is a 32-page half-page newspaper presenting the stunning work of international artists in grand style. Extensive interviews with a personal touch, loads of art and photos, hidden bits here and there and exclusive pieces by awesome artists, which you can only find at JB.

Contribute! We love to collaborate with other individuals and welcome submissions on subjects that are relevant to us and our readers. If you have music, ideas, projects or any important issues, please send us an email including a short summary of the subject, some images or data, and all relevant links. Get in touch or send your submission to mag[at]justbreathe.de

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