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Photographer Shaun Bloodworth R.I.P.


This is a flashback to our collaboration with the highly influential and talented photographer Shaun Bloodworth from Sheffield. He died last Wednesday, Sept 15th at the hospital after waiting for a liver transplant. Our friend Stuart from Give Up Art had organized a fundraiser the same night. There is no such thing as coincidence, so it turned out to be a celebration of Shaun’s life and light he had been spreading and living, with a musical line-up which read like the A-list of the British dance music underground.
We had featured Shaun in issue #02 and shown a few of his photographs. During his career he captured a huge part of (especially) the British electronic music scene but also abroad, his work was and is history-making for the dubstep movement. The appearance of Rinse FM or guys like Benga or Skream had been shaped by him – he created icons. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.



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Shaun Bloodworth for Sonar 2012

Shaun Bloodworth – Sonar 12 from Electronic Supper Club on Vimeo.

These are amazing visuals by our friend (and JB. collaborator) Shaun Bloodworth for last years’ Sonar Festival for the Mary Anne Hobbes stage. Shaun involved some awesome Sheffield folks like Elliot Holbrow or India Hobson, both amazing photographers too. The sound in this clip comes from The Black Dog.

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Shaun Bloodworth Exhibition in Sheffield

Our pal Shaun Bloodworth, a great photographer from Sheffield, who has been featured in our Shifting Realities issue, has his first solo exhibition called Underground in his hometown Sheffield starting today. ‘… Photographs documenting the electronic music scene, with portraits and films from the UK, Europe and the United States since 2005. It will feature collaborative work with GiveUpArt and Humanstudio.’

If in Sheffield, go there and check his impressive collection of photographs!
(Bummer, we’re not able to attend … Good luck with the show, Mr Bloodworth!)

32-40 Bank Street
South Yorks
S1 2DS

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Shifting Our Realities — Shaun Bloodworth

JB. presents: Shaun Bloodworth
Next one to introduce to you is Sheffield based photographer Shaun Bloodworth. He is around in the business for a long time now and works on a lot of projects together with GiveUpArt. He has done crazy things, travelled the globe, seen places most people will never see. Shooting also for a restaurant magazine for example, Shaun captures the whole extremely productive electronic music scene from England and beyond in more recent times. Ferran Adria, Mary Anne Hobbs, Ramadanman, Joy Orbison, Skream, Flying Lotus and a lot more have all been in front of his camera. He finally has reached his most fulfilling part of his career, that’s what he says. Read the interview in the paper to find out more.

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18 Years of Rinse

London radio station and label Rinse is becoming a grown-up and celebrates its 18th birthday. Our JB. friends, chief designer Give Up Art and photographer Shaun Bloodworth have been responsible for the straight and clear visual language during the last years. Rinse started a series of short films in the run up to the 18th birthday weekend. Here is the landmark of 2006 featuring Stuart (Give Up Art).

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Every Now And Then…

Get a sneak peek on a great piece of lettering by this man from Sheffield: Nick Deakin. He is an awesome illustrator who agreed on a collaboration for the next issue right away. Looks like we at JB. are establishing a special relationship with Sheffield, which is also gratefully referable to our friend Shaun Bloodworth. Thanks Nick for this nice addition to a great upcoming issue of JB.

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No End of the Year Lists…

…but sharing a few great moments of the past months with you. Anyway, we at JB. love lists, they’re great. But sometimes they are just a waste of time — writing or reading them. Total ambivalence here. Maybe.

It’s been an exciting year for sure. I have seen lots of highs and a few lows, big metamorphosis trip going on which started with releasing JB. Magazine #01 — The Shifting Realities issue in January 2011. This was such a relief after working on it for so long, and also because of finally having done JB. stuff on paper after a such a long time. Meeting many amazing people along the way, opening up and experiencing new perceptions, seeing the potential to create things in a different way, listening to great music, skating rad spots, being connected and committed … (continues)

I am rather going with the seasons than dividing the year in beginning and end. But in the northern hemisphere it seems logic that winter is the time to close a chapter and to begin a new. Going inside, having a rest and refilling the batteries. So, the past seasons, especially spring and summer of 2011, were accompanied by some amazing music. And the one particular tune, the greatest of all tunes was… Falty DL — Hip Love. Shortly before releasing his LP, this one has the most plays this year in terms of Falty’s music — right before ‘Gospel Of Opal’, probably the two tunes with the deepest emotional connection. (listen below)

Anyway, have a nice time with your family and friends and some extra power for the upcoming year, or the season after winter. The days already started to increase the time of light. Sharing more special moments over the next posts, also including some more music.
Jenne, JB.

Falty DL aka Drew Lustmore, pic by Shaun Bloodworth

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Shifting Our Realities — GiveUpArt


JB. presents: GiveUpArt
We slowly prepare the release of issue #01. With the next couple of posts we want to introduce the protagonists to you, the wonderful people who are shifting our realities, expanding our perception, simply entertaining us or calling our attention for things we possibly haven’t noticed before. All of these artists, designers, writers, photographers … are making this issue very, very special.

Stuart Hammersley runs the design studio GiveUpArt in London. I have once noticed his designs through the Tempa Records releases, a London based Dubstep label of the first hour. We’ve been catching us on Twitter afterwards and I clicked with him right away. We share a lot of interests and Stuart has been very supportive throughout the process of this issue, I would even claim to say he became a part of JB. as he linked me to photographer Shaun Bloodworth and illustrator Culprit Tech, both featured as well in this issue. His designs are very distinctive, memorable and effective. The interview with him gives some exciting insight into his world of design and shows some of his recent projects.

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Welcome to the “Shifting Realities” …


Sneak a peek on the JB. pages!
These are all the protagonists of our JB. “Shifting Realities” issue (illustrations by Lisa Sauerborn). Cathy Olmedillas, Rob Lowe aka Supermundane, Jo Peters, Michael Leon, Shaun Bloodworth, Stuart Hammersley, Mawashi-Geri, Will Bankhead and Culprit Tech. We give the pages the final touch right now and it will be sent off to the printer within the next days. We are super excited about the finished product that Newspaperclub will send us back. And in January 2011, you all have the chance to get your copy of JB. Magazine. 20 pages of pleasure and awesomeness with special people and special art, magazines, design, photography and interviews.
Read more …

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To Our Disco (Design) Friends #05

L.B. Dub Corp, Ostgut Ton, Artwork by Virol Eron Vert

L.B. Dub Corp, Ostgut Ton, Artwork by Virol Eron Vert

There are some tunes that are making us happy at the moment, making us relax or pretty much be wild. FaltyDL, Roksa & Untold, Doc Daneeka … It’s about time again to show some of their visual treatments in our favoured column To Our Disco (Design) Friends. Here is a small collection of recent and not so recent releases. There is even more stuff, I can’t complain about good music these days. Listening to ‘Klavierwerke’ by James Blake a hundred times a day, then switch over to a track like ‘Croydon House’ by Pinch, what else do I need? I am having some good times! So I hope to get part #06 out pretty soon. I have to visit Hardwax one more time, take some more pics, turn the music loud … yes, that makes sense. First of all, here is #05:
Read more …

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“Nothing But Flowers” — The Art of Music

North/South/East/West, a project by Give Up Art & photographer Shaun Bloodworth

North/South/East/West, a project by Give Up Art & photographer Shaun Bloodworth

A while ago, we at JB. started to take a closer look at musicdesign with a new column, “To Our Disco (Design) Friends”. In the future I try to follow this path more continously as there are a lot of examples, whether new or already totally dusty on my record shelves… I don’t do this for nostalgic reasons. I still believe in this artform, especially music on vinyl and their associated designs, things with a certain quality and value. The role of the designer or artists who created record sleeves some decades ago might have been more regarded, had recieved some more attention. But looking at todays artworks, I am finding tons of great ideas and designs, there are still a lot of people out there that continue the legacy of a Blue Note cover for example.

One of these outstanding music designers is the London graphic artist Stuart Hammersly of Give Up Art. He is the visual epicenter of dubstep or electronic music from England in the broadest sense. The next part of this column will be a small selection of records by him and I am really excited about, what kind of goodness Stuart will choose. Looking forward to this!

Eye Magazine #76 just released their “Music Design Special Issue” with a bunch of great art from iconic covers that defined new eras to current examples. If you are into the visual goodness of your music, take a first glance at the issue here and then go get a copy (or step by at doyoureadme?! if in Berlin). This is a must for all the music lovers!

Eye #76 — Music Design Special Issue

Eye #76 — Music Design Special Issue

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