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Stephen Powers Exhibition: Coney Island Is Still Dreamland (To a Seagull)


Reasons enough for me to visit NY is Stephen Powers’ upcoming show Coney Island Is Still Dreamland (To a Seagull) at the Brooklyn Museum, November 20, 2015–March 13, 2016.
Stephen aka ESPO: “I’ve been trying to write a few words for a few weeks now on the occasion of my doing a show at the Brooklyn Museum. I put in the work and wrote innumerable false starts, so now I know the right words are this: There are no words. I can only show, I can not tell. Come meet my train of thought when I arrive on November 20th.”

He released a new screen print in an edition of 40 (and 20 more with his pencil doodles) for the impatient.



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Stephen Powers: Commencement Speaker For Hire


Integrating the art and wise words of Stephen Powers aka ESPO in your life is adding to your sense of humor and serenity. If you don’t do that, you can learn something here. Stephen sent out some advice in a recent newsletter, offering to provide commencement speeches for interested art colleges and universities. ESPO is the best! Read an example:

I’m working on a commencement address for the class of 2016, interested Ivy League Universities and Community Colleges get in touch:

If you’re graduating today with an arts degree, today is your first day of business and you have made your first bad business decision of your professional life. Congratulations. Being an artist requires that you make hundreds of bad business decisions throughout your career, student loan debt is great jump on your competitors. If you are graduating with no debt, you’re already lagging in the race to greatness, so go get a beer and start buying records. Now assuming everybody here has experience with making bad business decisions, I’m gonna tell you why bad business is the best art of all.

Bad business means saying no when they ask you to change your style. Bad business is not selling out the work you did with the community for commercials. Bad business is not taking the money when you don’t care how it turns out. Bad business is not making the excuse that everybody does it. Bad business is not compromising a little bit.

And if you get a good business opportunity take it, but make it bad business and make it good art. Good business is designing a sneaker for Nike. Bad business is making that sneaker out of clear plastic and covering it with art about wasting money on sneakers. Good business is designing an ice bucket for Absolut and covering it with art about my love of alcohol. I love alcohol. I love it. Good business is fake cool. Bad business is real cool. Be real cool.

When I was your age I had spray paint and an alias, so i wrote “life is short and art is long” on a wall. I’ll do it again today. Try me. Not only is it more true than ever, but Im true as ever. So make a name and art something you can live with, if you do it right its going to live a lot longer than you. Make a name that your friends are happy to hear, your foes angry to see, and the kids in 2099 are writing in laser paint.



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Fresh New Mural by Stephen ESPO Powers


Been following the progress of Stephen ESPO Powers’ new mural he painted in Miami Beach just a few weeks ago. He was Poet-in-Residence at The Carlton Hotel, provided with “sweet sweet creative freedom to spray some Espoetry”. Powers is selling a screenprint of the rough composition he made for the mural Looking and Telling for $50. Maybe there are still a few copies left, you better be quick!

“Miami, a destination and destiny. I was working inside the service industrial complex, so a lot of what I wrote was about the everyday life of the hotel, and what people get from the hotel experience. I like that its a box of sin and a place of peace, that its always in a state of change but maintains stability, like the tides a block away.”
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Steve ESPO Powers

The king of colorful lettering and wordplay Stephen ESPO Powers has a show at Joshua Liner Gallery in NY this month: “A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures”. Thanks to the internet we can participate somehow. Watch this clip which takes you into the studios of Powers.

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FOLKLORE — Group Exhibition Curated by Evan Hecox @ Joshua Liner, NY


Lucky people of New York, here is a great lineup of artists participating in a group show at Joshua Liner Gallery, curated by Evan Hecox. Can you read this?! …Andrew Paynter, Andy Jenkins, Benjamin Deberdt, Cody Hudson, Ed Templeton, Evan Hecox, Geoff McFetridge, Nathaniel Russell, Nigel Peake, Peter Sutherland, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Stephen Powers, Stevie Gee, and Thomas Campbell. Wow!
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When The Lights Go Out…

When The Lights Go Out… They Go On!
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Painting On Suitcases …

Aaron Rose, doesn't look like to be so much in "Trouble"

Aaron Rose, doesn't look like to be so much in "Trouble"

A few impressions of the opening of “Trouble”, an exhibition by Aaron Rose. Me and my friend Barnabas went to Circleculture Gallery yesterday. We had a look at some painted suitcases and signs with different types of letterings, had some beers and a short chat with the artist. We told him that the work reminded us a bit of ESPO (aka Stephen Powers, Philadelphia) and Margaret Kilgallen (a San Francisco Bay Area artist who passed away in 2001), both long time fellow artists and part of the Beautiful Losers.
Aaron: “Yeah, we’re all one of a kind. A group of people on the same path, with the same roots. These are more or less my first paintings in ten years. Actually I stopped painting because Margaret (Kilgallen) was always better at lettering than me …” (laughs). He created a very personal piece of work as he stuffed his stories into each suitcase, following the tradition of American sign painting and typography with a touch of Mexican spirit and its cultural influence in California.
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